Multi Gel Primary Set

Multi Gel Primary Set

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Our new Multi Gel Primary pack comes with the first three primary colors of its kind: 03 Yellow, 04 Red & 05 Blue. Our Multi Gel is like none other, just look at all of its great properties & uses:

  • Painting
  • One Move/One Stroke painting
  • Chrome
  • Stamp Chroming 
  • Ombres
  • Stamping
  • Highlighting 
  • Sugaring
  • Liner gel
  • Shadowing 
  • Stamp Sugaring 
  • High pigmentation 
  • Medium-thin viscosity 
  • Tack free
  • Anti-smear 
  • Paint under or on top of top coat

We promise it's the best you'll ever try! 

 HEMA free


*Each monitor or screen resolution will vary, we try to make the colors as accurate as possible.*