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Plastic Tip Options

These are the styles and colors currently available for this type of tip. These tips are for the budget conscious client but wants a fly set. See more in FAQ section. 

*Comes in a set of 10*

Don't see anything you like?

I'm sure that once we work together that we can create something fresh and unique to your taste. Please email me at for a special order curated just for you. 

Gel Tip Options

These are the styles and colors currently available for these premium tips. These tips are for the client who needs extra strength and wants that extra glassy finish. See more in FAQ section.

*Comes in a set of 10*

Be proud of your nails

Love them, thank you!

Rena L. - Novi, MI

I just wanted pretty hands, even if we were quarantined.

Sonia R. - Carmel, NY

These are SO strong & feel like the real thing!

Antionette G. - Royal Oak, MI

Why is it important to measure and apply your nails correctly?

As you can see by these images here, there is room inside of the well of the tips. This is one of the reasons why my custom full cover nails are different. These nails have an apex, which creates strength. In addition to that they come with a nice curve for a natural but sculpted look.

Be sure you are prepping and applying you nails properly so you get the most wear out of your xpress claws. 

What comes with my nails?

Xpress Claws

Custom full cover nail tips. Feels like you just left the salon - but saved all the time.