How long will it take to get my items?

Since most items are hand made there is a 3-5 business day processing time, depending on how many orders there are at one time. All orders are made in the order they are received. Orders generally take (depending on USPS) 3-5 business shipping days to reach their destination after drop off at the post office.

Why choose Xpress Claws over getting my nails done?

Choosing Xpress Claws is a great way to have salon quality nails by a nail artist without wasting any time out of your busy schedule. No appointments necessary or tireless waiting to get serviced. 

Why choose Xpress Claws over the drugstore brand?

By purchasing Xpress Claws you know that you are purchasing a quality product from a small business. Each set is made specifically for you and what you want on your nails. Drugstore brands are flimsy cookie cutter nails, made at a factory by the millions. If you want a unique, durable set you should choose xpress claws. 

How do I know what design to choose?

There are many options for many budgets. If you are still unsure of what you want please email Sara at theclassyxpress@gmail.com for a consultation before purchasing.  

I'm not sure what size I am.

Please check the blog post section to see your options to size at home or purchase a sizing kit. 

Is there a bulk ordering discount?

No. Since all products are handmade and not by a machine, there are no discounts available. 

How do I pick a color?

When purchasing please send a pic of the closest color you would like or an accurate description. Unfortunately since there are so many colors available I can only choose the closest one to the one you desire. Pictures of swatches will not be available and can vary greatly from monitor to monitor. Surely things can get worked out with a simple consultation. 

The shape I want is out of stock, what now?

Unfortunately you will have to wait until the item is restocked (in some case will not be restocked) or you can choose a different option. 

Why would I choose gel tips over plastic tips?

Gel tips provide more strength than the typical plastic ones. Choosing this option gives you more durability, clarity and feels like you are wearing acrylic or gel nail extensions. Gel tips are not as thick (at the cuticle area) also have more flexibility at the cuticle so it conforms to your natural nail easily, and has a great C-Curve for added strength. 

Why would I choose plastic tips over gel tips?

Plastic tips are for the budget friendly or clients who wish to change their nails frequently. This of course also depends on how your xpress claws are applied, or how hard you are on your nails. 

My nails are coming off, why?

Please be sure you are prepping your nails properly. This means ridding your nail plate of any oils and debris. If you are unsure of this please check the blogs for the instructions for nail prep as well as a video link to my YouTube channel. 


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