I want that design but I have short nails!

I have to say I get this question A LOT. Most clients think that because their nails are short/small that they would be unable to get cute designs. 

Rest assured, this is NOT TRUE. 

For an inexperienced artist scaling down a design can be too much of a challenge. This is not (in most cases) a problem with xpress claws. As an artist all my life, not just while doing nails I have learned how to scale down greatly from wall murals to nails. 

There are however in some cases where a nail is too small in length/width/both for a particular stone, charm, character ect. In these cases we will discuss what other design options are available. As you can see from the picture we had to choose slightly different stone options, but the design still reads as the same. 

Everything can always be solved with a simple consultation. Please send you ideas directly to me at theclassyxpress@gmail.com for an easy consultation. 

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