Measuring your nails

You will need:

- tape (translucent is best)

- ruler with cm/mm

- ink pen

- bare nails


Get ready to measure it's easy!

1- Make sure your nails are free of any product

2- Take a piece of tape and apply it to the top of your nail, making sure it touches the whole surface from side to side into the grooves. 

3- Use your ink pen to mark the sides of your nails in the grooves.

4- Remove the tape and place the line at its widest point it on the cm side of the ruler at a set number. In between each set number is 10mm (halfway is 5mm) so this will be easier for you to count them for an accurate measurement.  

5- Once you've counted them you have your measurement for that nail/finger for that hand. 

Please note that each finger on each hand will be a different size/mm. It is important that you log them for each hand. For a detailed video you can find it in the YouTube link below. 


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